Index of failures in different elements of a site: on what it is necessary to pay attention?

So, for example, the optimizer could buy external references, thereby having declared authoritativeness of the Internet resource advanced by it. In a content it was possible to use necessary number of keywords to grind a site under the necessary requests and thus to ignore that moment that contents of a site shall be useful to the visitor. And still over time algorithms of ranging of the modern searchers exchanged most radically, and now behavioral factors are the main tool for the most detailed and careful analysis of the site. The index of failures which can be of great importance today for an assessment of own actions and their productivity became one of such behavioral factors about whom we already spoke a little earlier, also.


Today each optimizer knows: than the index of failures, subjects it is lower it is better for an advanced resource. Why? Yes because time of stay of one visitor on a site is considered from the moment of page loading until transition to other page and if transition didn't take place, consider that stay is brought together to null value. It is natural to assume that the high rate of failures says, first of all, that your Internet resource can't interest the visitor coming to it at all.

The single system of an assessment of an index of failures still isn't present, and therefore today we suggest to calculate such index, proceeding from the analysis of each element of a site. It will allow to approach critically to any trifle and to try to understand as far as the site functionality, its design, navigation is qualitatively made, and whether leads each of them to increase in an index of failures.

If you want to make an index of failures minimum, attentively look narrowly at design of the site. The decision of the user to remain on this site or to leave it depends on it - in general –. It is necessary to select design, proceeding from site functions. For example, if you untwist an information resource, its design shall be minimalistic, and here the entertaining portal can contain in abundance both site subjects, and diversity of flowers and shades.

Content, namely – its quality and design – play large role in formation of an index of failures. Paragraphs shall have a content, shall break into some parts for convenience of users. Besides, it shall be qualitative, after all in search of necessary (in most cases text) information the visitor opens your site. And therefore you shouldn't neglect quality of a content if you want to lower an index of failures.