The coding in web design

Various codings are applied to full transmission of text information on the Internet. As the practice shows, web page encoding becomes the most popular method of information transfer.

Web page encoding is such method of information transfer in case of which each character or each value is encoded by bits. It is easy to guess that the number of bits becomes the defining parameter of coding. For example, the optimizer can encode two characters by means of one bit and if to add number of bits, further it will double coded number of characters.


The coding plays large role in case of creation of web design of the page. From it, it is worth supposing, appearance of the site, and also readability of information which the optimizer locates for Internet users depends, first of all. Now the majority of webmasters applies six main types and coding types. And to examine what coding is used on this or that of a site, it is necessary to select the Look — the Coding item in the menu of the Internet Explorer browser.

Most likely, one of the most popular codings - TF-8, KOI-8U, KOI-8R, ISO-8859-5, the Russian-language Mac-coding, and also the coding Windows-1251 most popular now will be considered.

If you want that on a resource advanced and filled by you necessary information was displayed correctly and was clear for visitors, it is necessary that there was a constant exchange between a web browser, and also the server. Here is how it is possible to provide today the diagram of interaction of these two components as a result of which maintenance the coding is incorrect: the web browser sends the message through the NTTR protocol on the server where these codings of your message contain. The server in turn will recode the received message in the necessary format and issues the page in that look in which its study will be the most user-friendly. If the server won't be able to find the received message, it will be necessary to pick up manually for it the coding.

The importance needs to be given to the correct coding at a stage of development and imposition of the site. And if you are interested in that representatives of your target audience saw necessary information, instead of "abracadabra", during imposition it is necessary to enter the correct code set. You shouldn't think that visitors will select time and will deal with the coding of your site if it is entered incorrectly. Most likely, they will simply be torn and your site is left. And if you aren't interested in it, the coding should pay the closest attention!