"DDoS-attack" - whether it is worth being afraid of it?

Safety of a site – one of the topics of the day and problems which the programmers creating web resources, solve in own way. Recently on the Network cases of DDoS-attacks became frequent. Let's try to understand, whether you should starting be anxious for own child under the name Internet resource.

Every day any web site is exposed to threat. But in order that vulnerability of your site didn't call into question possibility of communication with representatives of target audience, it is necessary to provide in advance origin of problems and to decide them long before their education. DDoS-attack becomes one of explicit threats recently also. That this threat represents and how to prevent its appearance on the web site, we will try to understand right now.


Before to put any mechanisms of protection, it is necessary to understand for itself that the principle of DDoS-attack is built as a three-tier cluster. So, controlling console specially developed by hackers at the head is put, and the computers, which purpose - to make the malefactor the anonymous author below appear level, that is, simply speaking, to hide all actions of the swindler concerning your site. The most lower place is held by so-called "computers zombies" which just the last start suspecting that the traffic of their computer is used in others purposes, not differing by the humanity.

Protection of such attack is built so well that hardly on completion you should make responsible her initiator. Simply because you never will find it. Therefore it is simpler to resort to certain preventive measures, than then will be distressed on the fact that and on your site the most powerful hacker attack was made.

As practice shows, the modern programmers to notify attacks to the sites, use special "triangular information security" which allows to integrate in a single whole end-to-end solution such important concepts as confidentiality, integrity and accessibility. For this reason, even in case of the most massive attack to your site if two edges of this triangle of information security aren't damaged and function in a due mode, information protection will be able to secure your resource.

However, if today you are the owner of quite ordinary site who has average statistics of attendance and doesn't claim for a rank of the most significant portal on the Network, hardly you can draw attention of hackers. The game of manufacture won't cost, after all to prepare attack, swindlers should put a lot of effort for this purpose and so that the result exceeded your waitings. However you should prick up the ears if you represent the e-commerce site, or you are a large man-tended portal access to which have thousands and even hundreds thousands registered users.