We collect information on the resource: systems of statistics of sites


Today for webmasters the modern Runet is ready to provide directly some systems of statistics of sites which allow to trace information on each Internet resource. Despite richness of such systems, their optimizers separate on three main types.

Passive systems of statistics of sites work at the analysis of the records fixing request made on the server. In a different way still it is possible to call such system of statistics server logs. If the user addresses to your server, information on such address imprints in the event log which afterwards and the programmer for collection and data analysis on a site can study. And still a full packet of information on that, how many visitors, for what period and when came to your site, it won't be possible to receive. So you can use other type of the systems intended for data collection in the operation.

Encoded systems of statistics of sites use as you, probably, already guessed, a special code which the webmaster with a definite purpose sets on resource pages. At the request of this code the server realizes a log entry then the picture, in digits designating statistics of visits of a web resource can be shown you. However and this hit counter among optimizers has no special success in a type of its universality and conciseness of provided information.