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Sites of electronic trading: features of advance

сайтIf to think logically, it is possible to come to a conclusion easily that that will be higher an index of sales at the E-commerce shop, than it will be easier to order and pay to the user here goods. Generally, simplicity - one of keys to success of any site of electronic trading.


The traffic analysis in site development

диаграммаIn the course of optimization and advance of sites the quantitative indices of traffic, of course, have the value, however it is much more important to know, the traffic which is available for you is how valuable.


Features of development of sites on psychotherapy

развитиеPsychotherapy online - one of rather new directions of development of a services sector. Today enough of people resorts to services of psychologists/psychotherapists. Quite often psychotherapists work with clients and through the Internet.


Taytl of pages for Yandex and Google

Тайтл страницThe question of the most admissible length of the title tag of advanced pages becomes one of the most global questions on initial stages of advance. It is natural to assume that not all phrase concluded in a tag, searchers can perceive.


How to make the contract of purchase and sale of a site?

договор купли-продажи сайтаYou have no time (or money that meets more often) to order development of a qualitative site in web studio. It is easy to understand - the prices from $3000-5000! Professional developers - "individuals" can order.

Effective advertizing on a site

реклама на сайтеIt is possible to answer a question shortly – aimed at result. The advertizing strengthening pull (i.e. a consumer choice of the visitor) to advertized object or the process, advertized brand or the company.

Elements, purposes, site functions

Элементы, цели, функции сайтаThe site is developed by means of interactive technologies by the trained developers (web designers, web optimizers, web animators, copywriters, etc.). The customer participates in development monitoring.

Advance stereotypes: on what the customer shouldn't be guided

стереотипы продвиженияFor certain each of you starts noting sooner or later that the stereotypes which have developed in the head not always give the chance to achieve quality life. And most often stereotypes simply hinder the vigorous activity. How it belongs to advance of sites?


How many there "is" a client?

сколько стоит клиентSite advance in search engines and a contextual advertizing today are the most effective tools for attraction on a site of new visitors. How to be defined, what is necessary for your web resource for receiving new clients?


New service from Yandex on fight with the kopipasty

копипастFight with kopipasty, always was a sore point of such search engine as Yandex. But now the principal searcher of the Runet had a confidential weapon. The alpha version of new application on fight with not a unique content is let out.


Bad advice to creators of sites

вредные советыHow many books are written about a saytostroyeniye, how many articles about how to make a site to attractive users! However and still on a network sites meet, in case of one look on which even it is difficult to understand, laugh here or to cry. We decided to go "by contradiction" and we offer beginning site builders the small list of a bad advice, following which to you NEVER it will be possible to make a site popular! Are sure, the sites you achieve it!

To become the best without having become the first

лучшийThe requirement of the client to the optimizer to become the first in the list of the searcher actually is the intermediate purpose, one of many on a way bringing into business of the new client or the partner.


How to advance a site, but thus not to clog the TOP

сайтIt is known that not only from search engines the visitor gets on a site. Therefore the monotonic and thoughtless optimization never was end in itself. And for this reason to advance sites it is necessary not to get on the first page retrieval systems and to find the visitor.


Some words about internal optimization of a site

внутренняя оптимизацияTo draw attention of wide audience to own site or the blog it is impossible without high-quality promotion. That users could find a web resource, it shall settle down on the upper line items in ratings of popular search engines.


The minor important points in web resource development

второстепенные моментыWe already had to say that the mains "three whales" on whom any site keeps, are: convenience of a site to visitors, qualitative design and, of course, operations on site advance in search engines. What the site builder should remember?


Requirements to a seo-content

seo контентThe SEO content (Search Engine Optimization or retrieval optimization) is the content considering and including key phrases which are used by retrieval programs, more precisely, retrieval robots or the small programs analyzing keywords, requests in this or that content...

Analysis and site assessment as means of its development

оценка сайтаSite creation - the responsible task. However its further development and advance yet times will demand analysis and assessment procedure. Similar actions are for what purpose carried out and what they themselves represent? What are capable to give to a site as a result?


Pluses and minuses of use of Flash on a site

плюс и минусGenerally rather silly to start arguing on fashionable technologies and to say that traditional receptions of a saytostroyeniye is better. It all the same what to try to prove that the e-mail is steep, and the web - is awful. Therefore directly It is necessary to tell that in the itself Flash technology has mass of advantages. But...


Navigation system - the convenient conductor for visitors

навигацияAll experts in audit of a usability of a site unanimously repeat that one of the most important aspects by development of a web resource is, certainly, navigation. In what its features consist and how to make so that the system of navigation was comfortable for visitors?


We create most optimized web page

страницаHow to create the page which is most optimized, capable quickly to appear in a top of output of searchers? Such question of the seo-master face permanently. There is a row of rules which will help to achieve desirable result. In particular I ruled creations of the URL address and use of Body of tags.