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Than Joomla differs from Wordpress?

joomla wordpressThe modern saytostroyeniye is carried out by means of specially developed designers who allow to perform the main operations on creation of an original template for a site, and then quickly and it is quite easy to fill it with a specialized content.


Use of the wrong spelling in keywords: whether will help?

очепяткаDevelopment and advance of a site is closely connected to its optimization. And one of tasks of optimization is, of course, selection of keywords. What errors the optimizer can allow?


Delusions in advance of sites

заблуждениеToday practically each customer of creation of a site knows that it is simple to draw a beautiful site and to place it on any hosting a little. For development of a site it needs to be advanced. Is in this respect and the delusions...


"Three whales" saytostroyeniye

три китаEach beginning creator of own web resource for certain reflects on how to make so that further a site really developed and popular. Actually, there are three key moments which should be considered by site development.


Need and elements of the qualitative contract for site development

договор на разработку сайтаContract legally issued competently – the faithful companion of high-quality development of a site. And though, unfortunately, in the Russian Federation while there are no the regulations regulating the standard contract for development of a site, without the contract it is impossible to begin development. Why? – There is a lot of reasons, we will give only the main, defining...

Site promotion on low frequency requests using an internal perelinkovka

внутренняя перелинковкаUndoubtedly, any webmaster dreams of that his site worked for him. The purposes for this purpose can be different – high rates of traffic, money, authoritativeness and prestige or something else. And, of course, each of us wants to achieve the maximum effect in case of the minimum attachments.


Forecasts on traffic: why they don't come true?

трафикBefore you start creation of strategy of advance of a site, ask the client what exactly he expects from resource promotion. What number of the visitors who have come to a site, will suit your customer? As practice shows, this question is rather important both for optimizers, and for their clients.


robots.txt file

Файл robots.txtThe robots.txt file therefore and is called that it is intended for robots. In particular, for retrieval robots, after all when they carry out an indexing of any resource, first of all look for, whether isn't present in its root folder of the robots.txt file.


Copyright of a site and its protection

Авторское правоCopyright – the subsystem of civil law which defines and regulates the relations of authors and persons (both physical, and legal), using their works. The informative site contains the unique content which isn't violating nobody's copyright.

It is a little about design and site development

рекламаWhether you had to pay attention what the majority of web studios, speaking about the services, offer often a complex of operations on creation and Internet resource advance on a network?


How it is correct to place keywords on a site?

ключевые словаWebmasters know: it isn't enough to make only a semantic kernel, and to write text materials with a certain density of keywords. Important still – to be able it is correctly to place "ключевики" on a site.


Technological base of optimization of a site (part 2)

оптимизация сайтаIn order that the site surely rose in the list of search engines, it is necessary to put in it the correct parameters at a creation stage. The exception of mirrors, incorrect responses of servers and uniqueness of addresses of pages are considered. Besides it is necessary to set correctly parameters of the robots.txt file, a site map and a HTML code.


Meta description of pages for successful optimization of a site

Мета-описанияThe special meta - tags in the description of pages allow to carry out an indexing searchers quickly and without problems. Thus page identification in structure of web documents is carried out more precisely.


Index of failures and its value

показатель отказовSome owners of sites, being engaged in promotion and advance, don't pay attention to the most different indexes. For example, on an index of failures of sites. Meanwhile, it is worth knowing – it can have essential impact on popularity of a resource.


How to replace the domain without prejudice to a resource?

доменSometimes there are such situations which assume change of domain name. However, this question can nonplus the optimizer who never saw off before similar actions.


Advertizing on a site as a method of additional earnings

Реклама на сайтеToday optimizers can use the most different opportunities to provide itself with the additional income. One of possible types of earnings – advertizing on a site.


Analysis of retrieval demand

Анализ поискового спросаRetrieval advance has a set of the most different components. How to analyze efficiency of retrieval advance and to understand, whether this method of promotion is suitable for your resource?


Indestructible precepts for successful advance of a site

Creating a site, we imply directly that it shall be popular. But it isn't so simple to achieve attendance as it seems. Though it isn't so difficult if to know five precepts of an honest prodvizhenets.


Why Joomla! ?

Joomla!For people who have the business, the word "advertising" - not an empty phrase. Now it is only way to advance the goods in a people at large. And here what of types of advertizing to use – everyone decides for itself(himself) independently.


Edge between black and white: gray advance of sites

серое продвижениеAfter you created a site, it is necessary to take care and of that it not simply "hung" on the Internet, but was man-tended and demanded among your potential clients and representatives of target audience.