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Competitive site

Конкурентоспособный сайтThe competitive site is a resource which can effectively be selected against the subject analogs and by that to take control of preferential popularity among users.


SEO: how not to step on a rake to the optimizer?

SEOEveryone who opens for itself(himself) such field of activity as advance of sites on the Internet, can face the most different problems, barriers, sanctions. It is possible to avoid it if you are fully equipped.


How it is correct to buy links for advance?

покупать ссылкиPurchase of links – one of the most effective methods of advance. And even in spite of the fact that search engines permanently declare fight against purchased links, referential ranging still is one of effective methods of advance of resources.


Contextual advertizing: what is necessary to become the advertiser?

Контекстная рекламаEfficiency of a contextual advertizing as method of advance of the business on the Internet, is indisputable. And still, despite popularity of this method, at many webmasters the question starts arising: how to become the advertiser and to place a contextual advertizing?


Earnings on partner programs

Заработок на партнерских программахEarnings on partner programs, equally, as well as their use for promotion of the business – rather popular method which allows much of us to gain additional income.


Banner creation

БаннерThe banner is one their most effective remedies of outdoor advertizing of a site. It draws to itself(himself) attention, and, therefore, there is a considerable probability of that the user will apply it and will transfer to the advanced project.


Errors of redesign of a site

ошибки редизайна сайтаRedesign of a site which is carried out by webmasters, allows to update a site and to make it the most convenient for users. However rather often in the course of redesign there are any errors.


Protection of a site against cracking

защитить сайт от взломаHow to protect a site from cracking? Perhaps, this question is today the most actual not only for owners of resources, but also for webmasters who are engaged in support and advance of sites.


Google indexing

Индексация GoogleGoogle indexing – process rather scrupulous, at least because this search engine subdivides directly all pages in one of two sections – the main or additional.


The market of optimizatorsky services in Russia: the current state

Рынок оптимизаторских услугThe number of sites which appear on open spaces of the modern web, permanently grows. At the same time the competition between sites, and also between optimizers and web developers who are engaged in their creation and advance increases also.


Site Koding

Кодинг сайтаThe Koding of a site is a writing of a program code at the expense of which your web project will function. If you decided to make development independently, it is necessary to decide on what functions be required, and with what form of information representation you will be happy.


Referential ranging

Ссылочное ранжированиеSo far as concerns advance and promotion of sites, even more often significant for webmasters there is a concept "referential ranging". Let's try to understand, what represents this term and whether really it plays so important role in site advance?


Databases for sites

База данныхDatabases for sites represent a certain set of special tables in which a certain information is stored. They are necessary in case of development of dynamic projects in which momentary "assembly" of pages or execution of the tasks specified by the user, in real time is implemented.


Advance of requests with errors

продвижение с ошибкамиAll people can be mistaken. One of the most interesting is based on it a method of advance of sites, after all leading words with errors have the smallest competition, so much easier to advance them.


Guestbook: whether for guests?

гостевая книгаStill quite recently, a few years ago, there would be no site without such, undoubtedly, a valuable element, as the guest book. But whether it is worth holding it now and for what it is necessary to the modern interactive site?


How to test a usability?

юзабилитиEven full compliance with all rules of a usability doesn't guarantee that the site which has turned out as a result will be the most comfortable. To check a usability of a site and if necessary to finish, testing is necessary.


Joomla! or Netcat? Free or commercial CMS?

Joomla! или Netcat?If you are going to create a small information site or the personal blog, the choice before you hardly will rise. But what CMS to use if you plan to create a site corporate? Paid or free? Let's try to understand this question on the example of two engines.


"good form" rules in case of creation of "mobile" sites

сайт для мобильных устройствThe market of mobile devices grows where quicker, than the market of normal computers and notebooks, and wap-technologies, sites which can be viewed conveniently from phone, again are popular.


Stages of execution of imposition

Верстка сайтаImposition – process very responsible and significant in which everything needs to be done sequentially. Otherwise in the future you (equally, as well as your visitors) can face unforeseen errors and such interpretation of a code by browsers which you at all didn't expect.


Myths about site promotion

Мифы о раскрутке сайтаThe Internet is daily replenished by tens and hundred resources which owners dream to bring the child to Top line items in results of retrieval requests. Sentences on advance are at the same time multiplied and there are myths how to make it correctly.