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Navigation on a site: for convenience of users

Навигация по сайтуNavigation is one of basic elements, without it the resource would consist from separate, nothing the connected parts. In the absence of navigation on a site users, having got on one page, won't be able to transfer to others to specify the acquired information or to receive the new.


Site promotion in Yahoo

Раскрутка сайта в YahooYahoo is a search engine which doesn't differ a high response among the Russian-speaking audience. It follows from this that optionally to execute optimization under this service for those who wants to envelop only the domestic contingent during promotion.


Business sites and their varieties

Бизнес сайтыThe business card, promo-and a corporate site, an e-commerce shop – all these types of commercial resources to you for certain are known long ago. But there is also other classification which we and will consider in this article.


Brief as basis of the incorrect specification on site development

бриф, техническое заданиеEven to one-profile experts sometimes happens difficult to understand each other. What to speak about mutual understanding between "teapot" - the client and the programmer, the designer, the copywriter? Only competent TZ and brief can help with this question.


It shall be interesting to read your site!

читать интересноWhether it happened to you to get sometime on such resources to networks which not that to view, but even it is impossible to read? Why it occurs? How to make so that similar impression didn't leave own web resource?


Periods of retrieval advance: when with the order it is impossible to hurry

Сроки поискового продвиженияThe order of carrying out an advertizing campaign on site advance in search engines is always interfaced about the solution of a question on periods of this advance. And here judgements of the customer and experts often disperses: the first want quicker, and the second stake on quality. Who is right?


Standard errors of the blogger

Ошибки блоггераBlogging - one of the best methods of advance of goods and services. The Russian blog sphere collects in recent years high popularity. Today we would like to talk about what should be avoided to bloggers. What errors can become fatal to promotion of the blog and its support.


Successful startup for a site - a success half

Удачный старт-апSuccessful start of a site is capable to be reflected in its history further. For this reason to prepare for a startup it is necessary long, carefully thinking over all details. Let's understand, which!


Content vs design: we look for a proper correlation

Контент против дизайнаDesign and content ratio improbably important for a saytostroyeniye. Each webmaster asks sooner or later a question that is more important in case of site creation: its design or filling. By what principles of creation of a site it is necessary to be guided?


Press release as means of promotion of a site

Пресс-релизThe press release for a long time started using as means of promotion of Internet sites, but this method didn't lose relevance, it actively is used to this day by optimizers.


The first steps of the beginning optimizer: site promotion in Rambler

РамблерRambler is one of the first searchers which have appeared in the Runet, but recently the number of its audience irrepressibly decreases. If a little back 20% of domestic online citizens used Rambler, at present in a rating of the most known search engines it takes only the fourth place, retaining 2,8% of the market.


Yandex. Директ: we select keywords effectively!

Яндекс.ДиректIf for you sooner or later there is actual a retrieval optimization of a site, competent selection of key phrases and words by which promotion of your resource will be carried out is an important operation which shall be carried out especially competently.


Selection of donors upon purchase of links

доноры ссылокAcquiring links, don't shun an autographic choice of donors because it is first not so difficult, and secondly, very favourably. Thanks to independent study of platforms chances that you will acquire stablly "operating" bek-links increase.


Cunnings in site promotion

хитрости раскрутки сайтаFor effective advance of a site it is necessary to address to some cunnings periodically. For users they are veiled, but in development of the online project enter very essential favor. Cunnings in promotion of a site can lead to increase in regular customers, and respectively, to enhancement of their activity.


What CMS is better: NetCat or Joomla?

Какая CMS лучше: NetCat или Joomla?There are only two types of tools which allow to create Internet sites: paid and free programs. Each of them is used for the solution of tasks of different types and complexity levels.


Exchanges of links: what it and for whom?

биржи ссылокThe exchange of purchase and sale of links not plays the last role in case of advance and optimization of sites. Someone from optimizers uses similar receptions, and someone still doesn't know that they themselves represent – these numerous exchanges of links.


How competently to realize technical support of a site?

поддержка сайтаAny businessman, the successful businessman, the investor know that monitoring over any project and any business is necessary always and in everything. Site creation – not an exception to the rules, and therefore it is in advance necessary to attend to such question, as: who will realize technical support of a site?


And again about design of a site: on a template or 100% exclusive?

дизайн сайтаWhen you conceive creation and site development, for you quality, speed of operations or their cost become defining criteria. For this reason in different situations you can create different sites which will differ from each other much. For example, design.


Errors in site promotion

Ошибки в раскрутке сайтаCreation of a site is only little bit on a way to success of your business. And not carefully worked design of a site or convenience of its navigation, but competent promotion in which at any cost it is necessary to avoid errors becomes the main thing often.


Evolution of SEO optimization of a site

Эволюция SEO-оптимизации сайтаAs well as any project, any action, any method, optimization of a site I didn't arise suddenly and started developing for a long time. Evolution of SEO optimization of a site didn't happen in a week or month, this process lasted some years.