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Site creation: freelancer or web studio?

создание сайта: фрилансер или веб студияSooner or later everyone who makes the decision to create own site for the company or own promotion, thinks of where to address for similar services: in professional web studio or to freelancers.

Domain name of a site: as you will call the yacht...

доменное имяToday many specialists in advance and development of sites say that the domain name plays not the last role in storage and recognition of a site among visitors.

Why it is necessary to accompany with a site?

сопровождение сайтаTo create a site is only a half I put: its continuous development and support are capable to make a site really effective. However not each saytovladelets up to the end understands, whether support of a site is necessary to him and for what purpose it is worth ordering similar services.


How to make a site attractive to searchers

сайт, привлекательный для поисковиковPractice of many optimizers shows: search engines even more often care recently of the visitors it shall be convenient to them to move on your site. Really it really matters, or it is the next whim of search engines?


Site support: we register in directories

регистрация в каталогахAs practice shows, successful registration of a site in the directory is considered one of the most important key points who plays a role in attraction of a large number of your potential visitors.


Bad advice for beginning seo-optimizers

вредные советы seoAlready created a site and you are going to begin campaign for retrieval advance? You don't want to spend a lot of money and time? Look for "subjects" and ways of bypass of retrieval filters and algorithms? Then this article – for you!

Joomla became the leader among CMS for control of the Internet portals

Joomla стал лидером среди CMS"The Runet rating" called the most popular management systems sites which are used by the Russian and foreign professional web developers for control of the Internet portals.

Subtleties of attending of the domain

Тонкости сопровождения доменаDomain name – the most important attribute of any site. Usually the name lives as much, how many and a site, i.e. for many years. And often in case of its attending there are different nuances, administrative collisions and problems.

What is MFA sites?

MFA сайтыAs practice, the most part of the sites created on Joomla shows! it is aimed at earnings from contextual and banner advertizing. The considerable place already was taken today by the resources created specially under a context, - MFA sites.

Usability: the first step to real efficiency of a site

юзабилитиAny thing which is made for use by the person, is created using it was comfortable. Saytostroyeniye uses the same principle: the site is simply obliged to be convenient for visitors.

Site advance: purposes and campaign tasks

Promotion can go in any direction. One sites need TITs increase, others – increase in number of visitors, the third – involvement of new regular customers. What purposes are put before advance by you?

Five reasons to get the site and to care of its development

завести свой сайтFor the majority of businessmen creation of a site and its subsequent development is rather need, than desire "not to lag behind the times". There are, at least, four reasons for which site or blog existence for business is simply mandatory.

That the customer needs to know before design of the request for site creation

Что нужно знать заказчику перед созданием сайтаFor some reason very often first of all the customer is excited by the cost of creation of a site - this question is set by them to developers. However it is worth marking that the range of the prices in the sphere of a saytostroyeniye is so great that it is impossible to call the amount, without having designated exact amount of works which needs to be executed.

Internet advance needs the qualified experts

интернет продвижениеWhat profession becomes recently especially popular in our country? As show the conducted researches, in honor at us today Internet marketing specialists and SEO optimizers, bloggers and specialists in a contextual advertizing.

Yandex promises to punish for a price markup of behavioral factors severely

накрутка поведенческих файторовAs soon as search engines don't combat illegal methods of advance. Quite recently it became known about one more method to make activities of SEO optimizers of even more legal. Also I invented this method Yandex.

Promotion and support of sites: the current state

Раскрутка и продвижение сайтовPromotion and advance of sites, thanks to continuous up-dating of SEO tools, appearance of new methods and algorithms, is permanently enhanced. That was popular still yesterday, becomes today a past remnant.

Keywords: theory and practice

Ключевые словаProbably, the concept of keywords is familiar to each developer. The term "keywords" designate words which are a part of the HTML document and in estimated request of the user for a document subject in retrieval service.

We lift the citing index (CI)

поднять индекс цитированияTo lift a citing index, it is worth putting a lot of effort. We suggest to examine the most known methods of increase of ITs and in practice to implement that is actual.

Features of Joomla 1.6 for administrators and webmasters

особенности joomla 1.6Joomla 1.6 added by new functions became more convenient and easy, improved CMS is at the same time powerful and flexible. The made changes facilitate operation as webmasters, and administrators of sites.

We give an assessment to a site

оценка сайтаToday estimation of a site allows us to understand, how practical and effective the result turned out, whether really the site represents that reflected initially.