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Microsoft declares demise of IE6 in U.S.

Microsoft today said its campaign to drive Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) into extinction had done its job in the U.S., where fewer than 1% of users ran the decade-old browser last month.

Microsoft Celebrates Decline of Internet Explorer 6 Use in the U.S.

Internet Explorer 6, the 10-year-old Web browser that Microsoft has been desperately trying to terminate, has dropped below 1 percent market share in the United States, according to data from Net Applications.

Try Avant Browser 2012 for a Choice of Rendering Engines

The browser arena is often portrayed as a three-horse race among Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, but there's now a new option that aims to give users the best of all three worlds.

Mozilla persuades Firefox 3.6 users to dump old browser

Mozilla's upgrade call last month pushed more Firefox 3.6 users to grab a newer edition than any month since June 2011, a Web metrics company said over the weekend.

Insync targets Dropbox with new file-syncing service

A new cloud-based file-syncing venture is building on the Google Docs platform, challenging the venerable Dropbox service in the process.

Apple's 'Black Friday' sale cuts Mac prices up to 10%

Apple today cut Mac prices up to 10% in a repeat of the last two years' stingy "Black Friday" deals, which authorized resellers again trumped.

The Week in iOS Accessories: Power to the people!

Every week, our iOS accessories roundup offers more proof of the versatility of our iPhones and iPads. Love sports? Photography? Mother Earth? Good design? There's something for you here

This year's H-1B cap is reached at quicker pace

The annual H-1B cap has been reached, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and at a pace that is two months ahead of last year.

Hungarian hacks Marriott's systems to blackmail for job

A Hungarian citizen has pleaded guilty to stealing confidential information from the computers of Marriott International, and threatening to reveal the information if the hotel chain did not offer him a job maintaining the company's computers, the Department of Justice said on Wednesday.

Apple hacks $40 off 16GB iPad price for Black Friday

Apple is slashing between $41 and $61 from the price of its ever-popular iPad devices for one day this Friday.

DevOps speeds application development

An emerging concept known as DevOps will be the major theme at this year's Usenix LISA (Large Installation System Administration) conference, to be held in Boston the week of Dec. 4.

Starz Ditches Netflix and Everybody Loses

On the same day that Netflix's controversial new pricing model became reality, the company also lost its contract with Starz -- which means some of Netflix's best and newest content will disappear come February 28, 2012. It's a mostly lose-lose situation, but Starz's departure could mean big cable companies' return to prominence, and the dilution of low-cost streaming video.

Man gets six years for hacking girls to extort photographs

A 32-year-old paraplegic was sentenced to six years in prison for infecting more than 100 computers in a quest for financial information, nude photographs and thrills.

RemoteLink App Finds an Address, Sends It to Your Car

Think about the time you waste by typing in an address in a car’s GPS navigation system. Instead of driving where you need to go, you must first wade through the different menu prompts required to enter the destination. When running late for an appointment, you might lose typing in an address you've scribbled on a piece of paper or printed out from Google Maps.

Microsoft's IE will drop under 50% share by mid-2012

Microsoft's Internet Explorer will lose its place as the majority browser next summer, according to Web metrics company Net Applications. gets into ERP with Infor, Workday is strengthening its hand in the ERP (enterprise resource planning) market, announcing on Thursday two new partnerships with Infor and Workday that will result in an intermingling of the companies' applications and technologies.