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Free site: and whether there is a manufacture game?

бесплатный сайтToday many SEO blogs tell about how it is possible to create a site free of charge if you have no additional resources for development and promotion of the project. And always in such articles it is told only about advantages of free creation of resources.

Rational structure of e-commerce shops

интернет магазинVery often in case of creation of sites, in particular e-commerce shops, developers adhere to a sample method, starting with the principal page and it paying all attention. But such specific site as the e-commerce shop, requires also specific approach.

As it is correct to organize possibility of commenting on a site Joomla! ?

комментарийWhen on a site there is no comment, the web resource executes the functions not for all hundred percent. After all it is created for people, and it means that their presence shall be noticeable at all levels of a site: in article section, at a forum and in the blog.

We plan an advertizing campaign on social networks

Социальные сетиSocial networks are especially scalely used by the modern optimizers for advance of Internet resources. Well and we hurry to share recipes of successful planning of effective campaign in popular social networks.

Cloaking – whether it is worth using the black SEO method?

КлоакингCloaking – a method of black SEO. When using this method, for retrieval robots and simple visitors of a site, the page will look absolutely differently. But what sense from it?

One more factor of output - site speed

скорость сайтаThe modern search engines use a set of the most different algorithms and tools, each of which can have impact on site line items in output. One more factor of output of Google decided to make site speed.

Councils of the expert: whether it is worth reducing the cost of the visitor on a site

посетитель сайтаSuch index as profitability of business depends not only on that, how many visitors come to you to a site, but also from that, how many money (and also nerves, efforts) you should put in project development.

Density of keywords, whether is so important it?

ключевые словаThe question of density of keywords, probably, was brought up more than once also by you if today you are engaged in advance of resources on the Internet. It is necessary to mark that judgements concerning density and its importance experts state the most different.

New system of advertizing in Twitter

реклама в twitterTwitter offered new system of advertizing which will allow to place declarations practically all wishing without involvement of managers of a network of microblogs. It is possible to evaluate advantages already now.

Origin, types, the modern value of a spam

спамProbably, many Internet users associate the word "spam" with time the modern. However very few people know that there was this word in the middle of last century when about the Internet and concepts had no.

Joomla installation to Denver

Установка Joomla на денверThis article becomes for you the step-by-step tutorial how to set Joomla to Denver. You learn all installation process of Denver, structure of its folders and their downloading on a site.


The module of back coupling for Joomla!

обратная связьIn this article we will consider with you how to make the contact form on the site under control of CMS Joomla by means of the simpleForm module. You will be able to see an example of the contact form at once after set this module. It represents rather simple form with fields for user name and message input.


Cloud computing

Облачные вычисленияAbout clouds all heard. And about tiresome computation on operation in cloudy day. Probably, even in case of coming nearer "clouds" over the company. And what you know about "clouds" and "cloud computing"?

The error 404:как to benefit for a site?

ошибка 404What represents special value for any Internet resource? Loyalty of search engines? Traffic? Certainly, no because the most valuable to a site is his visitor.


Extension of client basis: 5 methods how to make it are best of all

клиентская базаThe visitor – the major link in functioning of any site, be it an entertaining portal, a forum or the E-commerce shop. That is why the optimizer shall approach to extension of client basis especially responsibly.

Web analytics

веб-аналитикаSo, in your company all internal business processes are studied, well structured and formalized, rather debugged, but managers don't want (or can't? ) to work, - at least, flexibly. Income falls, sales decrease.


Site business card

сайт-визиткаWhat is the business card and why it is necessary – everything we know well. And as it is pleasant to receive and furthermore, to grant perfectly executed business card – too we know. The business card not elaborate and colorful, with mass uninteresting to you data, and the functional, short, with good design.


Fraud on the Internet (Internet fraud)

Интернет-мошенничествоFraud as its long history testifies, amplifies at the time of crises and disorders in society. Present surge offline and fraud online – not an exception. In 2009 – more than 80000 registered cases (a gain – 4,4%) in different...


Joomla updating

обновление JoomlaNow many write how to update Joomla, but, unfortunately, nobody gives accurate step by step instructions which can be done with ease without someone's help. If you a beginner "джумловод", it is useful for you to understand so important issue.

Electronic government

Электронное правительство"The electronic government" (e-Government) - term often meeting, recently. It is used, however, more often naive intuitively, not especially and thinking of the content of concept.